20 Best Crochet Braids Hairstyles For Your Next Protective Style

If you haven't rocked a crochet braid hairstyle before, then you are probably sleeping on good stuff, sis.  

Crochet braids are cute protective styles, which require little maintenance and are incredibly easy to install or take down.

This innovative braided hairstyle is made by looping faux hair extensions into your hair using a crochet needle. You can achieve a variety of styling options on different textures with your crochet braids, from going for a long hairstyle or a short one the next day.

How many packs of hair do you need for your crochet braids?

This usually depends on what style or length you are going for. Typically you will need an average of 3-6 packs of hair to achieve your desired crochet braids.

How do you install crochet braids?

Crochet braids are easy to install, so you can pretty much install them by yourself or have your hairstylist install them for you.

To see how you can install your crochet braids by yourself, check out this tutorial by Seun:

How long can you keep in your crochet braids?

You can keep in your crochet braids for about 4-8 weeks. But if you stay in a place with high humidity, you may need to keep it in for about 4 weeks so your scalp can breathe too. 

How can you take care of your natural hair while it is in crochet braids?

To take care of your natural hair while it's in crochet braids, you need to moisturize your hair daily with a leave-in conditioner spray. You can also use any of your favorite natural oil on your scalp, so it doesn't dry out. 

Would crochet braids damage your hair?

Crochet braids may not damage your hair. However the job is entirely up to your hairstylist to prevent that from happening. It is important that you remind your hairstylist not to braid the cornrows underneath your crochet braids too tight or install your crochet too tight. If you can, also ask your hairstylist to leave your edges loose and use an edge control gel to lay your edges instead. This way your hair is less susceptible to damage.

20 best crochet braids hairstyles

We picked out some of the best crochet braids hairstyles you can try out for your next protective style:

#1 Curly Crotchet Pixie


#2 Red Crochet with Bantu Knots and Fulani Braids

#3 Curly Crochet with Bangs

#4 Long Crochet Twist Braids


#5 Cute Blonde Crochet Curls


#6 Medium Length Crochet Box Braids

#7 Bouncy Curls Crochet Braids


#8 Burgundy Crochet Braids


#9  Top Knot Half Up Half Down Crochet Braids

#10 River Goddess Locs Crochet Braids With Leave Out 

#11 Long Goddess Locs Crochet Braids


#12 Passion Twists Crochet Braids


#13  Ombre Jamaican Bounce

 #14 Water Wave Crochet Curls

#15 Wavy Bob Crochet Braids


#16  Top Knot Crochet Braids with Highlights


#17 Voluminous and Kinky Textured Curls


#18 Holographic Multi-colored Shoulder Length Curls


#19 Purple Haze Crochet Braids


#20 Curly Crochet Braids with Side Cornrows


But if you aren't up for spending good time installing your crochet braids you can just slap on any of our lightweight crochet braids wigs and call it a day.