5 Cowash Conditioners For Natural Hair

If you have extremely dry natural hair, and wash your hair with shampoo, your wash days are about to become such a drag for you. This is because shampoos contain sulfates and detergents which leaves your hair squeaky clean but also dry it out. 

A co-wash conditioner does quite the opposite. A co-wash conditioner contains cleansing and hydrating ingredients which gently cleanse the hair, refresh your curls while still retaining moisture in the hair.

Adding a co-wash conditioner to your natural hair regimen is very essential. They are great for washing your hair during colder weather, as your hair tends to dry out during this period. They also remove product buildup from the hair and condition your hair and scalp.

How often should you co-wash your natural hair?

A co-wash usually involves washing your hair with only a conditioner. You can co-wash your natural hair once a week or typically on every wash day, whatever works for you.

What is the best co-wash conditioner for natural hair?

If you are looking to adopt a co-wash conditioner into your natural hair routine. Here are 10 best co-wash conditioners you can try out;

Eden Bodyworks Coconut Shea Cleansing Cowash

This gentle cleansing conditioner is sulfate-free, produces no suds and can be used for removing product build up from the hair and promotes healthy hair growth.

3 honest reviews of Eden Bodyworks Coconut Shea Cleansing Cowash

Christina of Mane Objective says: "I am in LOVE with this product -- so much so that it has officially become my go-to cleanser right now. My hair and scalp feel clean, but in no way stripped. My hair felt soooooooooooooooooooo smooth and moisturized after using it. Better than any shampoo, shampoo bar, or cowash has ever made my hair feel. Period."

Leah of A Relaxed Girl says: "I'd been looking for a good co-wash and hadn't found one until now. Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea CoWash is a keeper. It helps with moisturizing my relaxed hair. In fact, I use it mid-week if I'm experiencing dry ends and it gets me through to the next wash day."

Genevieve of Embrace Your Tresses says: "Great slip and moisture punch! My hair was extremely moist and soft after rinsing this out. I will definitely repurchase this."

Amika Nice Cream Cleansing Conditioner

Made with a blend of ingredients like grapeseed oil and an oat peptide, this cowash conditioner promises to get the job done without weighing down your curls or making it feel greasy.

3 honest reviews of Amika Nice Cream Cleansing Conditioner

"I recently started Co-washing my hair since my scalp gets really dry during winter season. This provides enough cleansing powder at the same time as being hydrating. I really like the results and I’m happy with it." -Asa.

"I have 4c coils and this cleanses my hair with out stripping - it still truly feels moisturized! It’s pricey but it works!" - Kimberly.

"The smell is magnificent. I love that I can use it between my shampoo days. It can possibly make your hair a little oily if you use to much. But great product. It really helps moisturize my hair and also look shiny and healthy!" -Meagan.

Macadamia Professional Ultra Rich Moisture Cleansing Conditioner

This cleansing conditioner has an awesome combo of oils like macadamia, argan and mongongo which hydrates the hair and leaves a bouncy, shiny feel to it.

3 honest reviews of Macadamia Professional Ultra Rich Moisture Cleansing Conditioner

"This cleansing conditioner is very nice, it smells amazing. my hair is very soft and shiny without being weighed down or greasy." - Beverly.

"I have dry hair, I mean really dry. I've been trying many shampoos, conditioners and hair masks. I use different technique of washing my hair too (including that reversible method) but still, my hair is dry! Until I found this cleanser, I love it!! I love the fragrance, it is sweet and refreshing! The texture is like a light lotion, not as thick as conditioner. I use it 3 times a week and the result is great. My hair is shiny, flowing and sleek. The smell also lasts until I wash it again. I love this hair cleanser." -Karmila.

"I enjoyed the smell and the consistency of this product. My hair was still a little tangled afterwards but it was frizz free and not weighed down. I will try it again with the shampoo to see if I will get better results. I would recommend this product, my hair type may just not have been compatible." -Valenese.

Alikay Naturals CoWash Me Cleansing Conditioner

The Alikay Naturals CoWash Me Cleansing Conditioner has a rich mix of jojoba and peppermint oil which hydrates and moisturizes the hair and scalp without stripping the hair of its natural oils.

3 honest reviews of Alikay Naturals CoWash Me Cleansing Conditioner

Natasha of Natasha Duhaney says: "Because the Alikay Naturals brand uses excellent ingredients and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, I feel much more comfortable using their products more frequently. The Cowash Me Cleansing Conditioner is gentle enough to be used daily without stripping my hair of its natural oils while leaving my hair feeling soft, moisturized and hydrated—all while also leaving behind a clean scalp."

Cande of Cande Curls says: "It's hard to describe the smell so I'll just say tropical and heavenly LOL! The texture is thick and creamy and gave good slip. I really Love how soft my hair felt while washing and especially after. I really Love that this Cowash is Sulfate free, something I always look for in a conditioner."

"Love that this is all natural. My hair feels clean and soft after using. The fragrance is strong in the bottle and shower, but dissipates after rinsing out." - Jennifer.

Ouidad Curl Immersion Low-Lather Coconut Cream Cleansing Conditioner

Ouidad's cleansing conditioner contains natural oils like coconut oil which would improve hair growth, rosemary and sage oils which refresh and cleanse.  And essential fatty acids to help strengthen strands while you cleanse.

3 honest reviews of Ouidad Curl Immersion Low-Lather Coconut Cream Cleansing Conditioner

Diane of Diane Mary Beauty says: "My hair feels hydrated and moisturized and it preps it for conditioner or a masque to follow. I like incorporating a co-wash like this at least once a week so my hair doesn't get too stripped. Aside from having some awesome oils to help strengthen and repair the hair, I also really like the fact it has essential oils like Rosemary and Sage to increase circulation and help hair growth since I'm forever trying to grow out my hair."

"Great for dry winter curls. Loosens curls so hair hangs longer. Hair feels clean and fresh, keeps scalp conditioned too." -Sydney.

"My first time co-washing. It seems to work well but you need a lot of product for each wash. I recent bought a thing to help wash my scalp hoping that will help me use less." -CJ.

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