Goddess Crown With Closure - 3B/3C Kinky Curly Wig

$ 320.00

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No stress, Queens-ish!

You will fall in love with the new you that this Coily Bangs reveal. The Goddess Crown Wig is always ready to wear and delivers the fabulous look that Queen's desire.

Can be made in our custom Kinky Coily or Curly texture specially selected to create a classic bang. It comes with an elastic band and two combs that promises a firm and secured placement.

Our favorite review is from Denike, “My best friend says I look rich! rich! in this wig. It is really easy to maintain as well.”

*Model is wearing 16 inches in color 1

3B/3C Kinky Curly Hair Texture

360 View of Goddess Crown

Self Care Tips

  • Co-wash after 10 - 15 wears.
  • Water and leave-in Mix is handy when styling.
  • Do not comb hair when dry, always apply some moisture.
  • This hair weighs 185g

IMPORTANT: This hair is a hygienic product. For health reasons, we cannot accept exchanges on used products. Read our Shipping, Cancellation & Return Policy.

We want to provide you all the information you need to select the right hair for yourself. If none of your questions are answered. Please reach out to support@naturalgirlwigs.com

What is your shipping, cancellation and exchange policy

You can view our shipping and exchange policy here - Shipping & Exchange policy.

How can I tell 3C - 4A hair apart from 4B - 4C hair

We have created video explainers showing the texture of 4B - 4C afro kinky hair, 3C - 4A kinky coily hair, 3B - 3C kinky curly hair, blow out hair, and afrocentric hair. Click here to watch the videos.

Are all hairs from Natural Girl Wigs human hair

No. We offer premium fibre and virgin human hair options. Every product page includes the hair quality type in the product description.

What's the difference between Premium fibre hair and virgin human hair

Hair extensions made from human hair can be heated (curled or straightened), styled, washed, and treated like your own natural hair. Hair extensions made from premium fiber cannot be washed, colored, straightened or washed. It is more sensitive and should be less manipulated.

How do I find my hair texture

We have hair types as a menu for you to choose from, you can also shop via the shop looks menu to help you select the perfect texture for you. Read this post about natural hair types to learn more about your hair texture. If you need more help our customer relations team is available. 

Do you sell texture samples or can I come over to see the hair in person

We currently do not sell texture samples but our Shop Looks page is well curated to help you find a texture that is true to you. Our customer support is also available to help you through the journey to finding what's perfect for you.

 How do I choose length

This depends on the hair texture. If you don't know what length to choose, use a ruler or measuring tape and measure from the top of your ear to where you want the hair to reach and that is the length you should buy if you want straight hair. If you want kinky textured hair follow our hair length guide to know the right length for you.

Why is kinky hair length shorter than straight hair?

We have a page dedicated to maintenance for different hair quality types. It’s best to read based on the hair you are purchasing.

All kinky and blow out hair lengths are processed from straight hair. It takes hours and sometimes days to fully process straight hair to true kinky hair texture. To perfectly mimic natural hair textures the hair is processed to shrink just like kinky hair textures. 

How many packs/bundles of hair do I need for a full head

For Wigs and ponytail styles you need just one unit for a full head. For Bundles we recommend 2 bundles for lengths under 18” and 3 bundles for length above.

For Clip Ins we offer normal bundle and Glam set depending on how full you want to go. For Crotchet hair you need 3 - 4 packs depending on the style.

Additional information is available in each product description.

How do I care for my extensions or Wigs

We have a page dedicated to maintenance for different hair quality types. It’s best to read based on the hair you are purchasing.

Can you recommend a hair stylist

We currently do not have a list of recommended stylists but we suggest that you find a stylist in your area familiar with natural h