Get the Finest Hair at Half Price

Get the Finest Hair at Half Price 

VIP Experience Like No Other

Natural Girl Wigs Club is a one-of-a-kind premium service that grants access to all our products (over 70 products and counting) at half price, exclusive service, and free delivery. See all hair extensions here.

See Our Range — Over 70 Hair Extensions To Choose From 

all at half-price with a membership

  • Headband Wigs
  • U-part Wigs
  • Virgin & Faux Hair Ponytails
  • Braid Wigs
  • Bob Wigs
  • Clip ins
  • Afrocentric Wigs
  • Virgin Hair Wigs
$ 200.00
$ 180.00
$ 160.00
$ 180.00
$ 180.00

Membership Perks

  • Exclusive Hair Customizations
    Customize any hair you want even If we do not sell it. Send us a picture and we'll create it for you.

  • Half Price
    Get the same quality you like, but at prices no one else can match. We produce all our products in-house.

  • Guaranteed Savings
    If you don’t make your annual membership fee in savings, we’ll refund the difference.

  • Free Hair Consultations 
    We'll give connect you with a natural hair expert for free hair consultations (your bill is on us).

  • Free Shipping over $100
    We'll ship to any address in the USA for free if your total purchase is greater than $100. You can expect fast shipping on some items.

  • Easy Exchanges

    Don't like what you received? We'll exchange for a new product or a different product.



Anytime you make a purchase within an active subscription period, you will get your item at half-price.


Tell us a few things about yourself and unlock the magical experience of being a member.


Time to enjoy the deal of a lifetime. Shop as many times as you want and retain all the benefits of your membership.

85% of new members break even on their first order

100% lower prices than anywhere else

1 in 2 shoppers recommends us to a friend.


Basic Plan 



  • Half Price on all Products

  • Free Shipping over $150 (US & UK Only)

Premium Plan 



  • Half Price on all Products

  • Free Shipping over $150 (US & UK Only)

  • Free Hair Consultations  

  • Exclusive Hair Customizations

    Free Returns & Exchanges

See what professional hairstylist think about Natural Girl Wigs hair texture

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to shop at half-prices?

After your subscription, we'll email you a unique discount code that works only with the email you use for subscription

Can I share my discount code?

No. However, you can shop for your friends with your discount.

Can I cancel my membership?

New members who haven't made a purchase can cancel within the first 10 days for a full, no-questions-asked refund. Otherwise, we offer cancellations only after the billing period has ended. We do not offer pro-rated refunds. 

Can I order without being a member?

Yes, however you'll be required to pay full price for whichever item you select.

Where do you ship from?

We ship from Houston, Texas. We manufacture our products in Lagos, Nigeria. Items that are custom-made might ship directly from our factory sometimes.

How can I make payment?

Select any plan above to become a member. Annual members receive an extra perk of getting our surprise gift box on their birthdays

Can I gift a subscription?

Yes, you can. Select the plan you want to purchase and on the sign up page indicate that you're buying for a friend

Can I switch plans?

Yes, you can switch plans. You can switch plans from your account dashboard or you can send us a message on for help.