Real Life Reviews of Natural Queens in Our Hair

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Love it😍😍


The packaging was amazing I loved it.

Best Natural Hair

The hair is great, the texture feels like real human hair, everyone thinks is my hair

It looks great

Amazing satin bonnet!!

Great product

I love this product. It came in very cute packaging. The unit itself is very soft, true to life 4C texture and easy to apply to your hair. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a cute protective ponytail.


I really love this hair. It has great quality and is overall what I have been looking for in hair.

Great quality and beautiful color.

This wig is just what I was looking for. Once you trim the bangs and the perimeter of the wig itself, it looks undetectably great. Love that I was able to support this business!

Ms McCain

She just a little short. But I will be trying another one from you guys .


One can tell the difference between synthetic hair and my natural hair. It’s perfect how they can replicate natural hair

Afro kinky ponytail

Used my ponytail today and I got some my questions and compliments because it looked exactly like my hair.
It was so easy and quick to wear and it stayed in place throughout the whole day; I’m so clad I bought it even before my hair could form a ponytail Lol.

Absolutely Beautiful

This wig is stunning and looks just like my hair! I did a co-wash before wearing, and it was super soft! I added some leave-in conditioner and gel to make it pop and it's been non stop compliments ever since! Love it!

Will order again!


Loved it!

Fab wig, quick delivery, awesome presentation with the tote bag etc! Got loads of comments and feedback about the wig- was so much fun to wear!


It’s cute, simple, and realistic! Loving it!

good quality

really soft and natural texture. Really like it, easy to wear

Love the extratote nice touch & the wig is fabulous Thank You.

Faux Naturale U-part Wig

Beautiful Hair!!

There are so many things I love about Natural Girl Wigs:
1- The company is Black-Owned. Yes!
2- The hair is absolutely beautiful!
3- The kinky coily headband wig is an effortless, yet gorgeous easy style. This hair is very soft and can be combed out to make it look bigger and kinkier!!
Compliments galore!
4- The customer service is professional and on point!
Thank you and keep up the excellent job!

It turned out too gorgeous than I imagined!

I ordered this hair for my wedding and it turned out too gorgeous than I did imagine. To think that it was the most difficult decision - choosing a hairstyle as a natural bride. I hate all those lace wig look, no matter how expensive it looks. This got me the style I wanted and I felt so perfect wearing it!

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I love it!!!!!!!!

It's soft and so easy to use ❤


I love it and there are others that I intend to buy.

She’s Cute

She is cute, my first I part wig so I had to figure out how to wear it, which I’m working on now but I definitely like it. But I like maybe more than the wig is the incredible, outstanding, simply marvelous service Natural Girl presented. I’m so impressed along with appreciative about the design of this company. I hope it stays that way.

Matches my natural hair perfectly

Matches my natural hair perfectly and people are amazed at how natural the clip ins look. Thank you!!