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Faux u-part wig in color 1b
$ 60.00
Afro Kinky U-part Wig - 4B/4C
$ 240.00

Faux Naturale U-part Wig

Starting at

$ 60.00
  • Made from Quality Premium Fibre Hair

  • Ready to wear and easily detached

  • Can be Styled

Afro Kinky U-part Wig


Starting at

$ 240.00
  • Use code NGWANCHOR20 to get 20% OFF

  • Made from Finest Virgin Human Hair

  • Ready to wear and easily detached

  • Can be Styled 

  • Can be Detangled

  • Can be Deep Conditioned

  • Can be Conditioned

  • Can be Dyed

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Premium fibre hair and virgin human hair?

Hair extensions made from human hair can be heated (curled or straightened), styled, washed, and treated like your own natural hair. Hair extensions made from premium fiber cannot be colored, nor can you apply heat to it. It is more sensitive and should be less manipulated to avoid tangling

How do I choose length?

This depends on the hair texture. If you don't know what length to choose, use a ruler or measuring tape and measure from the top of your ear to where you want the hair to reach and that is the length you should buy if you want straight hair. If you want kinky textured hair follow our hair length guide to know the right length for you.

How long will the hair last?

Our products are made to be reusable and long-lasting, however, the expectant life of your particular wig depends on the quality type, i.e the Virgin Human hair collection will last longer than Premium Fibre and the care you provide to your hair is very important. A care card is included in every purchase to help you with tips that will help maintain the hair for as long as possible.

How do I find my hair texture?

We have hair types as a menu for you to choose from, you can also shop via the shop looks menu to help you select the perfect texture for you. Read this post about natural hair types to learn more about your hair texture. If you need more help our customer relations team is available.

Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
My hair, only better

Very impressed with the excellent quality and beauty of this unit. It looks like the ideal version my own 4b/4c hair. Customer service, including shipping, was also excellent. Pleased to make this 100% Black owned company my go-to for natural hair.


I love it

Danega Mallet
Muito satisfeita

Excelente qualidade, apaixonada por este modelo

Sarah Galadima-Godwin

Its versatile and easy to wear and style. I had to remove a little bundle from the wig cos I didn’t want it so full.

I can't wait to use it😁

The faux u-part wig has a great look & texture, that I'm so tempted to undo my current protective style to use it 😅.

Ayomide Aluko

Faux Naturale U-part Wig

Julianah Adediji
Love it

I really love it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Victoria Woods
Absolutely Love

This hair mimics 4b/4c perfectly. It was delivered in 3 days after a week of processing for U.S. Out of the pack there was a mild smell that washed out after the first wash. I got the 16in in 1b. Little to no shedding after finger detangling with leave-in. Super soft. My hair is super short and doesn't always coil uniformly so I had to use mousse to finger coil my hair to make it blend.

Just like my hair!

I ordered the 20 inch to match with my real hair because I wanted it for days I didn’t have time to style my hair but didn’t want a basic bun. Extremely good match with my hair. Any other wig I tried was too loose for my kinky curls, but this one nailed my texture perfectly, whether undefined or in a twist out pattern. I showed my friends and they couldn’t tell the difference from this and my real hair. It also isn’t so bulky that everyone would know it’s a wig.

The hair is soft and smells good even before washing/conditioning. I just put the exact products I put in my hair. I literally forget I’m not touching my hair when I have it on!

There was a delay in my shipping and the team reached out before I could get concerned to let me know that the order was still coming. They also quickly answered a question I had about the hair. So I would say the customer service is great, too!

There was quite a bit of shedding to start, so I’m interested to see if that will continue or if that was just what’s expected for a new wig and this can last a few years.

You won't regret it

Finally, a wig that I've been looking incredibly long for is in my possession. A wig that is literally MY hair texture. The natural color is a bit light for my dark hair; however, the texture blends so well that you can't tell the difference. Not only am I happy with my purchase, but the compliments I've received make me feel confident walking around. A Black woman said, "Wow, what a beautiful set of hair you have." Now you know, if She thinks it's natural... it's got to be great! Love this. If you're wondering if you should purchase from that other website. Don't. Look no further because your wig is right here. Go ahead.. add it to your cart sis.

I'm in love 😍

This is such a beautiful wig, the texture is everything just like my natural hair so blends perfectly! Came in a really cute bag with a gift. Very satisfied with this wig and the customer service!!!!!

Martine Lewis
Love my wig

Such good quality and has washed well. Thank you for such speedy service during this uncertain time

Tracey-ann Leard
Love it

The wig is full and matches my 4c hair perfectly. It’s perfectly made.

4b/4c U-part Wig

I love my 4b/4c u-part wig. The hair is super soft and feels like real hair. I was able to wet the hair, and even add products to the hair, and it acted just like my own hair. I would definitely buy wigs from Natural Girl Wigs again. I actually have my eye on the 4b/4c ponytail that I plan to buy real soon! Thanks Natural Girl Wigs for comming up with products that gives us Naturals a way to switch things up a little, while protecting our natural hair.